What Makes the Best Chocolate Brownies in the World?

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If you want to start an argument, try asking your best friend or a member of your family just what makes the best chocolate brownies. You’ll probably get as many answers as there are people. Some people like a soft, fudgy brownie with a crisp top, while others prefer the cake-like variety with its rich frosting. Nutrition is one thing most people don’t think about when they’re trying to decide which brownie tastes best, however. That’s because many of us make the mistake of assuming that a delicious brownie can’t possibly be healthy. The truth is a little more complex, though!

Fudge Brownies

Fudge brownies are made with relatively little flour and no leavening. That makes them fairly dense and means that most of their mass comes from rich chocolate. They’re also made with butter that has been melted rather than creamed, so there’s no extra air in the mix. People who enjoy these brownies are usually fond of their extreme chocolatey taste, which goes well with nuts. Most fudge brownie recipes are very high in fat and sugar.

Cake Brownies

A cake brownie has less butter than its fudgy counterpart, along with a lot more flour and a little bit of baking soda or powder. That means the result is a lot lighter and softer. This tender brownie has a less-dense texture than a fudge brownie and goes very well with fruit flavors. You can also frost it with thick, chocolatey icing for a double treat. Its lighter texture doesn’t make it a lot lighter in calories, though. While more of this brownie’s calories come from flour and other carbohydrates, it’s still usually a diet-buster.

Chewy Brownies

Chewy brownies might seem like the fudge-type at first, but they’re not as soft. Some have a noticeable crispness to their surface. They get these properties by using extra eggs and several kinds of chocolate. The result is stiff but satisfying, though the large amounts of chocolate can raise these brownies’ fat content significantly.

Packaged Brownies

You can make all of the above brownies at home, but most people probably eat more pre-made treats. These are often very soft versions of fudge brownies, made with or without nuts and dried fruit. In many cases, they’re just as unhealthy as their home or store-made counterparts That’s not always the case, however. You can also purchase deep, velvety chocolate brownies that offer a satisfying taste for just 100 calories apiece. The key is to read labels and be an informed consumer. If you’d prefer to make your own, try a healthy brownie mix like Vitalicious’s Deep and Velvety Chocolate VitaBrownie flavor.

What makes the best brownie? Opinions vary, but one thing is sure: you don’t have to give up rich chocolate flavor just because you want to watch your weight. There are healthy options out there for people who love every kind of brownie!