Try a Delicious Apple Muffin for the Perfect Autumn Treat

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As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change, you might find yourself craving the sweet, spiced flavors of autumn. Pumpkin, cinnamon, apples and more are all fantastic during this transitional season, but they tend to show up in very unhealthy places. If you’ve been missing the hearty, nostalgic tastes of harvest season, maybe it’s time for an apple muffin. The right one could satisfy your need for a healthy diet as well as your sweet tooth. Here’s a look at some things about muffins made with apples that might not have crossed your radar.

Favorite Flavors

If you love the taste of apple in your baked goods, you have plenty of options from which to choose. Consider trying a crisp apple crumb muffin with real apple chunks and apple sauce. You’ll love the sweet crumbly topping and flavorful spices, plus the oats and organic sugar. You might also enjoy an apple berry muffin. Combining the autumn flavors of apple and cranberry with the warm season taste of fresh blueberries is the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. It’s the perfect choice for a fresh, fruity-tasting breakfast.

Nutrition You Can Trust

A good apple muffin does more than just satisfy your craving for sweets, of course. It also gives you a beneficial boost of vitamins, fiber, protein and other important nutrients, without the negatives of high fat, sugar and calorie content. Look for apple muffins that come in at about 100 calories each and include plenty of whole grains and other health-improving ingredients. The best ones will be formulated to taste great while they help your body, making these apple treats an excellent choice for anyone who wants to feel better.


You can have your muffins on their own, at any time of year, but they taste even better with the right foods. Try settling down with a fresh apple treat after a long day’s work, along with a mug of hot tea. Enjoy a muffin in the morning with a glass of refreshing low fat milk, or heat one up in the microwave, then top it with a dollop of low calorie vanilla ice cream. There are so many great ways to experience the sweet, fruity flavor of muffins made with apple! You’ll enjoy trying them all.

No matter what type of muffin you like best or how you want to eat it, one thing is certain. Choosing healthy products that also taste great is essential if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. After all, boring “health foods” just make people run back to the damaging processed meals they know so well. If you’re interested in treating yourself well, try a fresh muffin made with apples. You might be surprised by how good something so healthy can taste.