Let Sugar Free Muffins Tickle Your Tastebuds the Healthy Way

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The amount of sugar in our food is increasing by leaps and bounds. Some believe it is responsible for the increases in body weight and metabolic diseases experienced by people all over the world. All that added sugar can be a real problem for some people, however. If you suffer from diabetes or you need to restrict your sugar intake to help you lose weight or maintain better health, you could be disappointed by a lot of the food available to you. The good news is that healthy sugar free muffins can allow you to enjoy fresh baked goods without all the problems.

How to Reduce Sugar Without Losing Flavor

If you’re making your own muffins at home, you might be surprised by the amount of sugar used in most recipes. Whether it takes the form of granulated cane sugar, brown sugar, molasses or honey, this sweet substance is everywhere. It can be hard to figure out how to get rid of it without ruining your recipe. One option is to replace some of the liquid and most or all of the sugar in your muffins with fruit puree. Ingredients like applesauce can provide natural sweetness that is balanced by fiber, reducing the impact on your body. It’s a great way to enjoy sweetness without the added burden of refined sugar.

The Best Sugar Alternatives

If you’re buying commercial sugar free muffins, you may have noticed how many of them rely on chemical artificial sweeteners. These substances have been noted for causing adverse reactions in some people. There’s also data that suggest these ingredients cause an insulin response, even though they lack calories.

It’s better to look for muffins that reduce their sugar content using more natural substances. For instance, while maltitol is made in a lab, it’s derived from natural alcohol sugars. This substance can provide sweetness without calories or an insulin response. Another option is Stevia rebiana, a South American herb that has been used for centuries by natives. This plant has a faint licorice taste, but it quickly blends into most muffin recipes.

More Than Just Sugar Free

Ideally, your muffins shouldn’t just be sugar free, though. They should also be designed to promote health in other ways. Ideally, you should choose products that are high in fiber to balance their glycemic impact. Look for whole grain muffins and those made with added bran. You should also stick with muffins that offer more than just carbs. The best will include extra protein and vitamins to support good health and keep you energized for longer periods of time.

If you have a sweet tooth, being told you can’t have sugar might seem like a disaster. The truth, however, is that there are plenty of low sugar and sugar free options available to keep you happy and feeling great. You just need to do a little homework to figure out which one is right for you!