If a Whole Muffin Feels Like Too Much, Try a Muffin Top!

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The humble muffin has been going through a growth spurt. Originally coming in at a modest two ounces, most commercial muffins have expanded hugely. You can expect to see five, six and even eight ounce muffins with calorie counts as high as 700 apiece. That can be pretty intimidating if you are someone who’s trying to eat healthily and lose some weight. You can try having just part of a muffin, but keeping track can be difficult. A better alternative to dealing with these monstrous muffins is to try a muffin top.

What Is a Muffin Top?

If you haven’t encountered muffin tops before, they might seem a little unusual. These baked goods capture all the crisp goodness of the best part of the muffin, without the extra bulk and calories. Each muffin top is a few inches across, but less than an inch thick. They are baked and packaged especially for people who don’t want to deal with consuming an entire muffin, but who would like to enjoy an occasional treat. You can include them for breakfast, a mid afternoon snack, dessert and much more.

Benefits of Muffin Tops

Muffin tops have many advantages over conventional muffins. They are small and easy to keep track of at about 100 calories apiece. They also capture some of the muffin characteristics that many people consider to be the most desirable. All muffin tops have sweet, crisp surfaces that can only be obtained by exposure to the oven. What they lack is the damper, softer interior of most muffins. Inspired by some people’s habits of consuming only the upper part of the muffin, muffin top products from companies like Vitalicious let you feel decadent without eating too much.

Healthy Ingredients Make a Difference

Not all muffin tops are the same, of course. Some of them use the basic ingredients you’ll find in any conventional muffin: white flour, white sugar or corn syrup, shortening and chocolate. Others provide more than an ordinary muffin. They rely on whole grains and other beneficial ingredients to create a product that’s not just tasty but also full of nutrients. Vitamin-packed muffin tops have just 100 calories, but they come with extra protein and fiber to help you stay healthy and feel great throughout the day. Many even avoid the high fat percentages so often found in ordinary muffin recipes.

If you want something sweet but your diet can’t withstand the fat-laden sugar bombs found on most bakery shelves, it might be time to take it to the top. Muffin tops can be a tasty and healthy addition to just about any meal. Whether you love chocolate, fruit, nuts, peanut butter or bran, there’s sure to be an option for you. Take some time to check them out today!