How Banana Muffins Can Be Part Of Your Healthy Breakfast Routine

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It is sad but true: making healthier choices can be hard. After all, the world is full of appealing and convenient junk food. If you are trying to treat yourself better, you could quickly run into problems. In an environment where unhealthy options are the norms, it can be difficult to socialize with coworkers or hang out with friends while trying to eat well. Many people find themselves constantly tempted by pastries, baked goods and other fat-laden treats. Fortunately, there is no reason to feel like you have to give up your morning banana muffins just because you are trying to be healthy. You just need to choose the right ones.

Calorie Content

Many people pay attention only to the calorie content of baked goods when they write them off their list of acceptable foods. While it’s true that many junk food muffins are incredibly high in calories, you should judge your food by whether the calories it contains are beneficial to your body. If you are having muffins to get yourself going in the morning, there is nothing wrong with enjoying multiple banana nut or banana chocolate muffin tops to provide the energy you need. The key is making sure you have access to a product that comes in individual, low-calorie portions. That way it’s easier to determine just how much you’re eating at any given time.

Fat and Fiber

Banana is a great muffin ingredient because it allows you to reduce the fat content of your baked goods. Did you know that you can substitute pureed banana for as much as half of the oil or butter in a normal recipe? The manufacturers of healthy muffin varieties take advantage of this, offering products with as little as one or two grams of fat apiece. In the best muffins, fiber offsets the small amount of fat each muffin contains. For instance, many VitaTops muffin tops contain up to 9 grams of fiber per muffin top. That helps keep your system healthy and reduces the risks normally associated with eating sweet treats.

Protein Power

Most baked goods are very high in carbohydrates. That’s beneficial when you need a quick pick me up to get your energy levels going again. Unfortunately, that energy can disappear fast after you burn through the carbs. The best way to avoid this problem is choosing banana muffins that are high in protein. Some varieties offer as much as five grams per 100 calorie muffin top! That extra protein will help you stay energized and avoid cravings. Adding the right banana muffin into your daily routine could actually help you lose weight.

Just because you’re trying to improve your health doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorites. If you have always enjoyed a banana nut muffin with breakfast, you can keep it up. Just make sure you pick one with a great nutritional profile and plenty of healthy ingredients.