Finding the Right Bran Muffin Recipe: Healthy and Tasty, Too

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Baking your own bran muffins at home is a great choice if you want to stay healthy. It gives you control over what goes into your food and helps you stay aware of what you’re eating. It also allows you to enjoy having a part in the creation of the food that keeps you going every day. Once you get started, however, you might discover that some of your bran muffin recipe options aren’t the best. They include large amounts of butter and sugar or they end up tasting flat and unappealing. That can make the process of getting healthy muffins at home very frustrating. You’ll need to do a little homework to get a recipe you can enjoy.

Fats and Sugars

A lot of muffin recipes rely on large amounts of butter or oil, combined with high percentages of sugar. These types of recipes often produce something that’s less like a muffin and more like a small cake. While this kind of treat is great every once in a while, it’ll soon take its toll on your health if you enjoy it every morning. Look for recipes that use relatively little oil and added sugar. Instead, try ones that include fruit purees to reduce the need for extra fat. They’ll add a little bit of sweetness without the need for sugar overload. Muffins that contain raisins and other dried fruits can also be beneficial, since they don’t need much sugar to taste great.

Whole, Natural Ingredients

If you really want to be sure that the bran muffin recipe you’re using is one that’ll support good health, take a look at all the ingredients. Ideally, you should be using minimally processed whole foods. While bleached white flour might produce a fluffier muffin, it’ll also put a lot of strain on your body and deprive it of needed fiber.

You can add in some extra bran to make up for it, but most people are better off simply choosing a bran muffin that calls for whole wheat flour instead. The same goes for sweeteners: honey, fruit and unprocessed sugars tend to be better than refined white or brown cane sugar. The more processing an ingredient undergoes, the less likely it is to support good health in the long term. It’s as simple as that.


Sorting through all those recipes and baking from scratch can be difficult. You don’t have to feel like that’s your only option however. You can also rely on commercially-baked muffins made with a good recipe, such as VitaMuffins and VitaTops. At only about 100 calories apiece, they’re an appealing solution to the healthy food problem. You can also substitute products like VitaMix muffin mix, which lets you enjoy the hands-on approach of baking without the need to pore through recipes. There are all kinds of approaches to good health. You just have to take the first step!