Bran Muffins: The Sweet, Tasty Treat You May Have Been Missing

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Since the 1960s, the bran muffin has become the symbol of boring food that’s meant to improve your health. Most people think of bran muffins as an unpleasant thing they have to endure, rather than something fun to eat. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can get your fiber and enjoy yourself, too!


If your idea of a bran muffin is heavy, soggy and dull, it might be time to reassess. Modern recipes can produce fiber-filled whole grain muffins that don’t disappoint. They have a light, airy feeling and a satisfying chewy texture that you’re sure to enjoy. Whether you make your own bran muffins or you stick with one of the many muffins or muffin tops available from major retailers, you’ll be able to experience a bran muffin that makes you feel satisfied.


It’s true that a lot of older bran muffin recipes could never quite conquer that “sawdust” taste, but there’s no reason to assume that today’s muffins suffer from the same problem. In fact, you can enjoy a whole range of muffin flavors that include the health-improving benefits of bran. Vitalicious alone offers a number of fiber-packed options like BlueBran, CranBran, Raisin Bran and even Choco-Bran. You might also enjoy muffins in Apple Berry, Apple Crumb, pumpkin and savory corn varieties.

Calorie Count

One big surprise that many health enthusiasts experience is that of realizing how many calories a muffin can contain. Even supposedly healthy varieties can have up to 500 or 600 calories per Texas-size muffin. Many recipes rely heavily on whole eggs, lots of butter or oil, and huge amounts of refined sugar. If you’d prefer to keep things under control, cut back your use of these ingredients or choose muffins and muffin tops with a lower calorie count. Some brands can keep you happy for as little as 100 calories per bran muffin.


Bran may be healthy, but just eating high fiber muffins isn’t the key to long lasting good health. It’s also important to choose baked goods that are high in other essential nutrients like protein. The best muffins will also contain plenty of added vitamins such as beta carotene and vitamin D. That’ll help you enjoy these sweet treats as part of a healthy, balanced diet without the need to worry about consuming empty calories.

If you’re interested in improving your health, it might be time to think about the humble bran muffin. These basic, hearty foods have come a long way in the past few years. They’re now more satisfying, flavorful and interesting than ever before. Eating healthy should never have to seem like a chore, especially when you include exciting, nourishing muffins, cakes and rolls in your day to day diet. There are all kinds of varieties available: make sure you try one soon.