Are Low Carb English Muffins the Healthiest Choice for Your Diet?

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After the low carb diet craze, many people associate carbohydrates, especially grains, with uncontrolled weight gain. That’s why the market for low carb English muffins, bread, tortillas and other staples is still so large. While it’s true that a lot of refined carbohydrates can contribute to weight gain, that doesn’t mean you can’t consume any at all. There are English muffins available that can provide you with high quality carbohydrates that won’t encourage you to get fat. Plus, they contain plenty of nutrients, making them an important part of any snack or breakfast.

How Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Plenty of scientific studies show that eating a lot of refined foods high in carbohydrates is associated with an increase in weight gain. This is particularly true of packaged foods and fast food from restaurants. The high levels of carbs in these foods are thought to decrease insulin sensitivity and make it easier for your body to store excess calories in the form of fat instead of burning them for energy. In addition, foods of this kind have an almost addictive quality that can encourage you to eat a lot more than you otherwise might.

Low Carb or High Quality Carb?

One solution to the issue of carbohydrate-related weight gain is to choose a diet that’s very low in this macronutrient. This causes your metabolism to shift into a mode where it derives most of its energy from fat and protein. Some doctors worry that long term use of this kind of diet can cause organ damage, however. Another option is to avoid very refined carbohydrates – the ones that are worst for your blood sugar levels – in favor of higher quality, less-refined options.

For instance, if you choose whole grains, which include bran and other sources of fiber, you’ll probably eat less and experience less hunger. The extra nutrients in whole wheat, brown rice and other whole grains can help you enjoy your food more and consume fewer calories overall. That’s one reason that nutritionists tend to encourage high fiber foods. Plus, whole grains contain more protein than their refined cousins, which can balance your nutrient intake somewhat.

A Moderate Carbohydrate Solution

The fact is that carbohydrates themselves aren’t evil. The amount of white flour you’ll find in your average English muffin could contribute to weight gain, however. A normal 52 gram muffin contains about 27 grams of carbohydrates, but only one gram of fiber. If you’d rather not give up your morning English muffin, consider a whole grain alternative. For instance, VitaBuns are English muffin style treats made from whole wheat, oats and corn meal. They use natural sweeteners to cut down on refined sugar and offer six grams of fiber and only 19 grams of carbohydrates each. That’s a healthier, more moderate alternative that could help you lose weight.